A system of movements designed to strengthen muscles. Benefits include increased strength, stability, endurance and flexibility.     To see a full list of current classes Click

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Beginner Ballet Barre Technique

This is a beginner ballet class that will focus on ballet technique and terminology at the barre, no center work. This a traditional approach to classical ballet

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Ballet Technique

Classes focus on a deeper understanding of ballet terminology and ease of movement. This is a traditional ballet technique class. Benefits include increased strength, flexibility, posture and

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Ballet Body Sculpt

This unique conditioning class combines strength training & Pilates with the dynamic movement of ballet. Benefits include longer leaner muscles, flexibility, strength, and toning.     To

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Adult Contemporary New Haven Area

Adult Contemporary

This class combines elements of ballet, modern and the healing qualities of Alexander Technique. Freer range of motion, improved posture, flexibility, coordination and strength can all be

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Adult Tap

This is a dynamic, fun, energetic class that will focus on technique and rhythmic qualities of tap dance.

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